Everything DiSC

Patricia believes that the core for any individual success or organizational change is the need to understand the differences in people. As we understand these differences, we can communicate more effectively and achieve greater levels of cooperation and performance. As we respond appropriately to each other’s needs driven behavior we set up environments that meet the motivational needs of all employees. This custom designed course implementing Everything DiSC®, a Wiley brand, can effectively be delivered in 1 to 2 day programs as well as a 60 minutes speech or 90 minute breakout. Here is what your participants will learn:

  • To identify and appreciate the different behavioral styles of other members of the team using the DiSC model of behavior.
  • To identify and affirm behaviors that are strengths and determine how these benefit the team and the organization.
  • To identify behavior that each member tends to avoid and to examine the impact on others in their department/ people they manage.
  • To identify the motivational needs that are and are not being met for each participant.
  • To gain clarification from the team on what each member needs to do more of, less of or the same of for the maximum benefit of the group.
  • To develop strategies to be more effective in their roles and with their relationships with others.
  • To identify the conflict styles of each team member and learn how the team perceives these behaviors.

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