Pat offers executive and personal coaching for those looking for a one-on-one experience. As a communication expert, she is able to take the same skills she shares in the classroom into a more personal setting. After just a couple of sessions, clients have reported higher productivity, stronger focus, and better interpersonal relationships, based on Pat’s guided self-reflection and personal assessments. To learn more, read on or email Pat.

What is Executive Coaching?

Coaching in the business world need not be thought of as a remedial program seeking to “fix” problems in the workplace. Rather, it’s a professional development tool meant to fine-tune leadership skills and promote further professional growth.

How does it work?

Each coaching situation is unique and requires a slightly different approach. All of Pat’s coaching programs are customized for each client. Ultimately, we’ll work together to help you achieve (and surpass!) the goals you have set for yourself and achieve new levels in your work environment. Together, we’ll work on clarifying your focus so you can hone in on exactly what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to get there.

How is your coaching different from in-house coaching?

I have no agenda beyond helping you achieve your goals. Because I’m not employed by your organization, I am able to offer unbiased and candid feedback each step of the way. The details of what we discuss will remain completely confidential, and our conversations will be safe spaces to plan and discuss.

What are the benefits?

Through coaching, you will learn to take more, better, and smarter actions, achieve a more balanced life, make better decisions, and set loftier (yet achievable) goals for yourself, all while having more sustainable energy. Having a detailed plan and working efficiently will maximize your professional success and ward off burnout.

What if it doesn’t work?

It will. The nature of this work requires that we collaborate as peers and work as a team toward our shared goals–your success. Based on our joint commitment to the objectives set forward, I guarantee your satisfaction with my work. If you feel you have not achieved your goals because I have not delivered on my promise in some way, I will continue to work until you are satisfied.

How do I get started?

Email Pat for more information on how to get started today!