Creating a Global Mindset

Creating powerful partnerships in a multi-cultural, global community is a challenge and an opportunity. It is a compulsory skill for today’s employers and employees alike. This program is designed to help people recognize cultural differences and potential barriers with a goal of creating effective communication strategies based on respect and understanding. By building this awareness, misunderstandings, errors and dissatisfaction are minimized. Employee satisfaction and organizational success is improved and communication leads to those powerful and effective partnerships.

Key features:

  • Relationship Management
  • Communication & Trust – The Road to Understanding
  • In-depth Analysis – Words / Context / Behaviors
  • Managing Change – Agility & Flexibility

Outcomes for the attendees:

  • Develop an understanding of cultural differences.
  • Develop a strategy for building effective global partnerships.
  • Learn to adapt to and value differences.
  • Enhance the business through effective management resources.

Key areas to be addressed:

  • The Six Levels of Culture
  • Four Essential Skills for a Global Cultural Mindset
  • Cultural Due Diligence- Conscious Awareness
  • Style Switching
  • Natural vs Adaptive Behavior
  • Behavioral Change & the 3 Stages of Transition
  • Dialogue Development – Negotiate Mutual Adaptations & “3rd Language”
  • Barriers to Communication
  • What are they saying and what do they mean?
  • Mentor to Sustain- Shared Knowledge & Mutual Success
  • Ten Dimensions of Cultural Orientation (per assessment)

Intended Audience:

This program is appropriate for anyone within an organization that is engaged in multi-cultural transactions.


The format of this program is interactive and engaging to encourage participant involvement and learning. This is a foundational program intended to build awareness of cultural differences and promote realistic, effective behaviors in the international work environment.


Pat Tedesco has been certified in cross cultural work by two firms:

  • The Interchange Institute – Crossing Cultures with Competence
  • TMC – A Berlitz Company – Cultural Orientation Approach, including The Cultural Orientation Indicator ® Assessment

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