Patty-HeadshotPat Tedesco, known as “The Reality Coach” and a Communication Expert, is an internationally recognized leadership consultant, executive coach, author and keynote speaker.

With many years of extensive experience in travel and hospitality she now spends her time working with organizations to help them create the revenues they need to survive and thrive in your competitive industry. At Doubletree Hotels she developed and facilitated the first training program that was implemented with 260 hotels with front desk employees to general managers for 260 hotels nationwide. This was the first of its type in the hospitality industry and drew interest with other hotel corporations.

Pat’s strong reputation for providing astonishing sales results and delivering strong leadership curriculum has been recognized by her industry. As a leader in her field she has won gold, sapphire and ruby consultant awards for eight years consecutively. Pat is also a Professional Member of the National Speaker’s Association, a Certified Associate of Integro Leadership Institute and a Certified Trainer and Coach of The Florida Management School. Pat is also a Certified Partners of The Coffman Organization and a certified partner of the Wiley Corporation. Her cross cultural certifications are with The Interchange Institute –Crossing Cultures with Competence and TMC- A Berlitz Company – Cultural Orientation Approach includes The Cultural Orientation Indicator ® Assessment.

Pat has extensive experience and certifications with over 20 assessments including Wiley’s DiSC assessments, senior team alignment assessments, 360’s, EQ and TMC (a Berlitz company) cross cultures assessments.

Pat has developed and facilitated leadership programs for companies in both the U.S. and abroad. Some of her leadership clients include AAA, Bombardier Aerospace, SkyJet, and Carlsberg. She has also been asked to be a keynote speaker at annual conventions.

Here is what the Founder and CEO of The Integro Leadership Institute says about Pat: “Pat has the unusual combination of being a dynamic, entertaining speaker with a genuine concern for people and a need to help people grow and develop. Pat is the genuine article—what you see is what you get. There is no façade, no need to impress people—she will say and do what she feels is the right thing to do and in the best interest of the client.”

Her clients include the Fortune 500 companies of Corporate America including pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, aerospace, insurance, technical, health care and government organizations.