Creating Environments Where People Want to Come to Work

Are you seeking to strengthen your team through stronger communication, better team alignment, and more efficient leadership skills? The Executive Training and Development Group and Pat Tedesco are here to help. As a communication expert and the “Reality Coach,” Pat and her organization work to create high-functioning workplaces where people want to come to work. ETDG provides solutions for an array of organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and government organizations, and small businesses looking to think big.

Services include team communication, leadership and alignment training, one-on-one professional coaching, and individual and team assessments. Programs range in length from keynotes and breakout sessions to multi-day workshops, and are each painstakingly tailored to the needs of your individual organization.

In conjunction with the research of several national and international business leadership organizations, including Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and Integro Leadership Institute, Pat and her company are constantly evolving with the changing times within the business world in order to continually build trust within organizations and ultimately increase employee engagement and, subsequently, productivity and success.

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